Thursday, July 29, 2010

A doctor named Gladys

Today I was with Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, MD., MD (H)... a retired doctor of medicine, a friend, a mentor and so much more. 89 years filled with wisdom, patience, knowledge she picked up from her parents who were medical missionary, India where she was born, medical schools where she learned medicine... She also learned early on during her career that her patients were her greatest teachers...They taught her the art of helping others in the healing process.

This woman knows that medicine is an art, a living art. She has taken the time to perfect this subtle and balanced dance. She is knows as the Mother of Holistic Medicine. This is a mark of distinction no one else can claim. No longer in active practice, nearly 60 years was the time to venture in something else.

I remember the first time I met her. A time when I took better care of my car than I did my body. First of all, she greeted me in the hall way preceding her office door. The greeting was a hug, I must say I nearly fell, most doctors I had met before and since went out of their way never to touch me. Dr. Gladys talked to me for what seemed to have been an eternity. Now I know she was allowing me to express who I was, exposing myself to her, she was getting to know me, the whole person, and yes she was interested to know what was bothering me, but she had no interest in killing or eradicate, pieces of me. She told me about my body attempting to talk to me. I was not being too kind to this body that carried me far and near. Over worked and under paid, my body needed payment, in form of rest, stress management, exercise and proper nourishment. I had no time for that and wondered why I ran out of fuel...

I do not need to go though details but when I left this "woman's office because by that time I was with a very good friend who gave me tons of advise. My greatest sadness that day was that I did not take notes. Did she cure me? No, she helped me cure myself... Did I take enough drugs to make my head spin and my body sicker with reactions? No, she gave me the tools to change the many things I was doing wrong. This does not mean Dr. Gladys never gave me a prescription? She did when I needed one.

I must go back to today's meeting, you see, Dr. Gladys with her foundation is teaching about the feminine face of medicine. I will write something just about that, the next time. For the moment, PREVENTIVE medicine is the subject, she talks and educates male and female doctors, nurses and other health practitioners this art... the stuff that stop people from becoming obese, or diabetics, the stuff that allows the birthing process to be a natural one, the stuff that permits the aging process to also be an acceptable part of being alive. I could go on and on but I know you understand what I am saying.

There is a lot going on in the face of medicine, in many hospitals they know that the medical model/system is rather broken. Medical practitioners do want to express the good sides of what they learned.

A series of breakfast/talks are being offered in various places to medical staffs and the general public, these talks are educational in nature. The next one is on September 23, of this year. If you want to know more and be one of my guest, feel free to contact me. is ready to answer questions.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Plate, Arizona, My Plate

There is a lot of talk about Arizona these days, immigration, legal or not, borders virtual or not.

I find myself thinking of countries, languages, acceptance and tolerance and I am questioning understanding of such principles. Can I lump all this to my already full plate?

I entered the USA using legal channels I can therefore judge only by the content of my experience. Were the people I encountered accepting or tolerant of me? No, not at all must be my answer. I did not fit! I did not speak the language of the land, I did not eat the foods of land, I walked aimlessly down the rabbit hole not knowing how I got there or where it would take me.

The borders I have crossed provided me with a need for my own boundaries. I had to create a safe envelope. Did anyone know I was frightened, ill at ease? No, of course not, they were engaged in their own lives.

I made an enormous discovery! LANGUAGE, I learned the language of the land. I could fit with more ease, some began to accept me because we could communicate, some began to tolerate me because although they realized we were different we were not afraid of each other.

The rabbit hole became my pasture simply because I was able to communicate without restrain. I of course was a legal entity and from my experience that made enormous differences.

Now I know no matter what, my plate, can only receive what it can hold, I cannot give my rightful food to hungry people around me. I must nourish myself first. Is my plate different from a State?

I am a writer, not a politician, I am a humanitarian and I know I must first accept myself, perhaps after that I will make room for those I do not yet accept. I am also one that entered the country via legal channels, this allowed me the methods to lose fears and learn the language, this also allowed the choice to become an American.

From my vintage point, if we lived on a planet without borders, I probably would not be having such thoughts but we do reside on a planet where everything is rather complicated and until these things change I trust I must simply write.

As I write these lines I know again that the lessons I learned when writing my first book Lessons from the Lakeside are all indeed pointing toward the discovery of self.

I will invite to my table those I know I can share a meal with. I cannot invite you all, I simply do not have enough.