Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Photograph, A Moment, A Reflection

A Photograph, a Moment a Reflection

To glorify life with good intentions a pilgrimage began,  a baby girl was born.
It was a warm day when this happening took place. The sun and the moon were more than simple spots of illumination in the sky; they too were on a pilgrimage.

Granted a vintage point from a perspective distant and different, I was honoring Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.  My journey was one of spirit to a place far and near that I could not see or understand.

The old lady told me, “The planets, they are sacred, and the new one that has entered the periphery of your limited vision needs to be honored.  She belongs to the stars and as the stars travel her path will be transformed and fully actualized.  She belongs to what you cannot see."  I did not understand this old woman of a different world.

From my knothole I peeked as often as the planets passed my way. I could not see this child born of the stars.  My vision edged from an artificially created border.  The child of the stars walked the edge of an ocean I could not see.

The salt in my tears colored an horizon only she could transform. 

Invisible a long while, transformation made the face visible to me.  The appearance
of a photo, elegant, joyful with a showing of self-confidence suddenly changed my point of view.  

A strand of pearls around her neck, the girl named Sedona walked on the edge of her new life. 

I paused a moment, the circle I once drew in the sand of time was reaching its end.